Hushed whispers that flow against steady waters,

blank slates swallow sin

in untreaded serenity.

Sanctuary awaits

golden glory, and

the forgotten are found

once more.

Strangers fall into

the weary crevices of time.

Sought after oceans

dip deep beyond grey skies,

and the stars smolder dreams

that hinder reality.

Infatuation escapes onto

a lonely island of despair.

Burnt bridges tear down

broken bricks.

Fantasies call upon

empty breaths

that dive down.

Below the sea.

Quiet shadows lay upon

heavy shoulders


dark anomalies

grow with doubt.

Strength withers into

unsturdy fragments

of uncertainty.

Fear washes over

anxious eyes.

Solemn spirits are lifted high up

into infinity.

Still souls relish feeble saviors,

and the blue moon relinquishes

gleaming light.

Dazzling pleasure seeks

all, like

the incandescent glow of a lightbulb.

Glaring envy mars the minds of

the wicked.

Blotted ink runs down

shriveled canvas

as a castle collapses

into the earthy, brown sand.