I can’t breathe


Enslaved by intolerance,

and coerced into complacency,

we are powerless.

Confined to the burdensome

shackles of conformity.

Imprisoned by prejudice,

and outdated societal values,

I am going to suffocate,

if all this hatred continues.

We are sufferers of


I can’t breathe,



our fear of the unknown

disgusts me.

Unnecessary animosity, hatred,

and hostility.

Are we doomed to lives of venality?

I can’t breathe,

aware of the indiscretion

and unnecessary aggression.

What makes one life significant

and another unimportant?

Is it the amount of melanin

present in one’s skin?

Forgive us, Father,

for we have sinned.

Promises of equality,

are null and void.

Live your entire life as subordinate,

you have no choice.

Emancipation proclamation,

has had no effect whatsoever, on this nation.

Mere pawns in a game called life,

I refuse to let social injustice,

break my stride.

We are Atlas,

with the weight of the world on our backs,

that’s what it really means,

to be black.

I can’t breathe,

in a country plagued by hypocrisy.

Home of the brave,

And land of the free?


America is much too cowardly.

Government, freedom, democracy?

Then why is there so much inequality?

Will we always be disenfranchised and


To Michael,

left to die in Ferguson heat,

simply because,

he was walking down the street.

To Tamir,

A fake gun was all it took,

your skin was a provocation,

so they shot you dead,

without taking a second look.

To Eric,

just trying to break up a fight.

You didn’t know,

it would cost you your life.

And to all the rest

that died in vain.

Murder, murder,


Too much pain,


Police officers proclaim,

It is their duty to protect and serve,

So why take away so many innocent lives,

Is this what we deserve?

There will come a day when we will see,

that we are all a part of humanity.

That the color of our skin,

has no effect on what lies within.

But right now,

I can’t breathe.


2 thoughts on “I can’t breathe

    • Thank you! It saddens me to see how little progress African-Americans have made in terms of gaining equality with their Anglo-American counterparts, but it is my hope that America will one day exist as a racism-free and tolerant nation, that values love or hatred, and acceptance over alienation. Thank you for stopping by!

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