Lost in the gargantuan world of love,
his soft angelic glow guides her
through the darkness.
Loneliness gnaws deep into her soul,
and the torture endures.

Frantically searching for an escape
from this agony.
Hopeless search,
useless search.
Her weary mind exhausts eventually,
but never really gives up.
It always looks for light.
She is lost, and needs help
finding him.

Help her!
Before her empty aching heart dies
from the pain it suffers through.
She needs him.
The dilemma poses itself,
and the pain hurts acutely.
Stinging needles in her heart,
eternal rain from her eyes.
Don’t ignore her desperate pleas!

A weeping soul that knows no rest,
no escape,
no end.
Tired of the search but nevertheless continuing.
A hungry, ravaged heart
wanting but a small taste of love
but never obtaining one.
Let her weeping soul rest.
Put an end to her eternal rain.
Don’t make her desperate search in vain!

Her mind deteriorates,
gradually dissolving into the nothingness.
The suffering knows no end.
It is immortal.
a soul,
a mind,
a body.
Forever bound to love’s magnetism.

It’s pull overwhelms,
its weight crushes,
its gravity forever alive.
Don’t let her die
without love.
Lacerations on her soul,
seeping pain.
lingering pain.
then death.

A life lived without love,
not even a life.


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