Why medicine?


My life-long aspiration to become a healer is a multifarious one, but it includes primarily my love of science and my desire to help those who cannot help themselves.

I love science. I have been given the power to reason, the power to question, the power to challenge previously determined truths, and even the power to ponder the future. Science fuses all of these abilities into one very intriguing phenomenon full of uncertainty, interrogation, and hope. Science defies logic, and requires me to think analytically. It is an omniscient master of knowledge, and has earned my love and respect through not only its accomplishments, but through its sheer potential.

Despite this potential, I believe there is much more to life than discovery and analysis. I believe in the power of the human spirit.

Humans are much more than mortal creatures, destined to be forgotten. There is a place for each and every one of us in this great big world, but many of us often lose sight of our role in humanity, and choose instead to pursue more individual endeavors.

But what would life be like if we focused more on the communal needs of humanity, rather than our individual ones? Would we see as much pain, suffering, and despair? Would we see as many individuals driven by hopes of fame, fortune, and power? Or would we see more altruistic individuals, motivated to help others, without the incentive of recognition, or a positive public image? Perhaps one day we will get the chance to witness a world like this. But for now, I must play my own part in working towards this ideal. It is my desire to help those who cannot help themselves. To instill in them hope, courage, and determination. And to reassure them that they are not alone in their battles, and that we are all in this together.

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I want to be there for others; in the devastatingly low moments, when their hope shrouded by fear and uncertainty, and in the incredibly high moments, when they are reassured that they have nothing to worry about.

Medicine marries science and human compassion into one beautiful masterpiece. The awe and thrill of discovering the mechanics of the human body. The almost tangible power of human connection.  The extremely close interaction between patient and doctor. The ability to determine exactly how a patient feels, and how their condition affects their daily lives. The honor and privilege one receives from the patient placing their complete trust in him or her. The intense gratitude one receives from helping others. All these I am eager to experience. And while I know that I may not always be able to make my patients feel better, I would be honored to be given the chance to try.


6 thoughts on “Why medicine?

  1. A wonderful goal to be a healer. I like your logic on the use of science and the human spirit. I believe the human spirit can accomplish great things. They should be combined to assist in the healing. It is a honor to have met you. I hope you do very well in all your dreams and goals.


  2. In scrolling down replies from another blog I came across your reply — I love your dream to be a “healer” which suggests your desire to heal the whole person — not just the illness. All the best wishes to you in your science and writing endeavors. The world awaits your knowledge and compassion.


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